Some minor edit to this blog, save, and instead of the usual messages I get an error message  incorrect key file for table ./database/serendipity_entries.MYI; try to repair it! Collateral damage: text has not been saved.

I tried Google to find some attempts to downplay the issue, possibly just a hd completly used. But this is not what has happened for me, tmpfs still has 505MB left and the Index file mentioned in the error report is just 320Kb. So I search on and find check table und repair table. The documentation recommends a prior backup. then:

mysql -u root -p
use database;

CHECK TABLE serendipity_entries;

(output denotes the table as corrupt)
REPAIR TABLE serendipity_entries;
| Table                        | Op     | Msg_type | Msg_text |
| web31db1.serendipity_entries | repair | status   | OK       |
and that's it, savine works again.
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